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 +====== ======
 +Weakening in the forefoot (zone), commonly referred to as a[[|Hallu Forte]]
 +. This is a deformation rate which usually consists of bending is a feet area of the smallest of them. Are likely to have haluksów are hereditary, but adequate lifestyle as well as systematic control of large unutterably degeneration can be prevented. Often the predominant issues, haluksami 'are women. This happens because of strolling in high-heeled shoes. Typically the unnatural position of the foot or so causes her fatigue causing an adjustment of the feet to position conducive to regenerating state. While in this condition there is already a few hours towards the first signs of foot deformities.
 +The formation of haluksów - prevention, symptoms
 +haluks-foot cross zewnetrznyŁuk responsible for the correct finger placement is the main cause any distortion. For women jogging pins and needles exposed to it for a very large overload. Feeling the pain the body sends defensive marks, this time on the rear elevated shoes should be removed. In further movement in this position foot it works differently, which often facilitates the deformation plus the development of flat feet. The weight is transferred to the out of alignment front part much less resistant to stimuli than the rear portion (heel). The right balance relying on the big toe is transferred to the weaker counterparts. Thus, the actual outward force intensifies the negative processes already began anomalies and transverse arc of the foot. The result is some sort of weakening of the muscles from the foot and take the pressure through the joints and bone tissues. "Hallu Forte has a health-promoting effect by strengthening often the ankle. "
 +In view of [[|]] the actual muscle fatigue is the most detrimental possible solution to the problem, since such a small area of the joints are not adapted to receive the force of the whole body. That creates unsightly degeneration called haluksami. When even early on stage is neglected, or maybe unnoticed negative level of daub itself will expand, presenting more and less likely to restore suitable structure of the foot. Generally, it is necessary to help medical professional, who will introduce the equipment or perhaps rehabilitation exercises. While huge deformations in everyday life, perhaps ordinary shoes rub against the protruding, arched his scalp and metatarsal. In place of warping meet the so-called bag filled with goo that systematically 10 damaged causes inflammation of the bursa. The consequence of this is puffiness of the skin and puffiness feet, which can lead to ankle joint sprains or fractures toe metatarsophalangeal joint. · Poslední úprava: 2015/11/20 14:55 autor:
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